Our Objective

The Mornington Peninsula Marine Alliance (MPMA) has been formed by marine related businesses and has the support of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPSC).
The Alliance is a central body to advocate on behalf of parties with an interest in maritime business and coastal sport and recreation organisation located on the Mornington Peninsula and /or operating on either or both of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay. It is similar to Mornington Peninsula Tourism in that it exists to support members to research, promote and advocate issues that directly impact on the success of their operations.
The need for MPMA exists because sector stakeholders have indicated that their issues are not being addressed by various levels of government to the same extent as other non-marine related issues.
In addition, the support of the Alliance is seen as important as many stakeholders have limited time to address the wider sector interests because of their commitments to running their own organisation’s operations.
By pooling resources, the Alliance can effectively act on their behalf, putting forward sector views on key issues and freeing members to get on with what they do best: run their businesses.

Download a copy of the Marine Alliance Constitution

Current Issues


The Alliance, working closely with the Mornington Peninsula Shire has recently developed a Marine Precincts Strategy  adopted in March 2015 to help facilitate investment and clustering of the local marine industry. The strategy has been prepared to support the emerging marine industry sector in terms of industry growth and job creation by clustering enterprises; and further looking at improvements in the marine infrastructure around the peninsula to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Hard copies of the strategy are also available at Shire offices.

As part of the public exhibition Mornington Peninsula Shire is hosting 2 public information meetings, details of the meetings are:

For further information please contact Shane Murphy, Executive Officer  on 0437 848 997 or email:

If you are unable to contact Shane please write to the  Economic Development Unit, Attention: Tania Treasure, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud 3939 or email to: .

The Alliance  is keen to promote the opportunities for enhanced anchorage facilities  which would encourage  and safely support more public use of the wonderful boating playgrounds offered by Port Phillip and Western Port Bays.


The Shire and the Alliance have completed a comprehensive study into issues impacting on the feasibility of the marine sector businesses on the peninsula and the workforce training needs. The study was presented to the Council by  the  consulting firm Matters More in February 2013 and outlines the drivers and constraints to successful business growth.

The study provided an opportunity for stakeholders to explain their issues and where these relate to workforce training need, the information will help the Alliance and other Marine sector bodies to develop a strong case for the improvement of access to relevant sector training opportunities here on the peninsula.



The Yaringa Harbour development continues albeit slowly  having passed the significant milestone of planning approval in its path to implement a fantastic new marina extension and resort facility.

Federal Government approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act has been given which means that the project design parameters  avoid any significant detrimental environmental impacts.

The project which will add substantial capacity to the marina complex and provide resort accommodation facilities has also been given in principle support by the state government.

The Alliance is very keen to ensure that support and recognition is provided by government to all proposals to grow marine related businesses in the Western Port Bay region, inside or adjacent to the SUZ 1 zone. It is the view of the Alliance that such businesses are vital the overall success of the industry on the peninsula and the port.

Council is supportive of the Yaringa proposal, soon to be released for public exhibition.